Is It Hard to Pass Cisco Certification?

2023-03-16 14:32:03 SPOTO CCNA 1087
Cisco certifcation's difficult Cisco is a world-famous network equipment manufacturer, and Cisco certification is an important symbol of the IT industry, which is widely recognized and praised. For most people, in order to obtain Cisco certification, they need to experience a very challenging process. This is because Cisco certification requires that candidates have rich knowledge and skills, and the exam is difficult.

Different people have different views on the difficulty of Cisco certification as their professional knowledge and practical experience vary greatly. For professionals engaged in IT industry, they already have a lot of relevant knowledge and skills, and often use Cisco products, so it is not difficult for them to pass Cisco certification. However, for those who have just entered the IT industry or have no relevant work experience, they need to work harder and practice more to obtain Cisco certification.

Cisco certification is divided into several levels, of which CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Association) certification is the most basic certification, and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) certification and CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Expert) certification are more advanced. In different certification levels, the difficulty of the exam is also different. The CCNA certification exam is relatively easy, and most candidates can obtain the CCNA certificate through certain study and practice; However, the CCNP and CCIE certification exams are more difficult, requiring candidates to have a higher level of professional knowledge and practical experience. 

In general, Cisco certification is not difficult to pass due to several points.

First of all, the certification information provided by Cisco is very comprehensive. Candidates can understand all the exam contents in depth during the learning process, and can well prepare for the exam. The Cisco official website provides a detailed exam outline, and examinees can conduct in-depth research and study on the exam according to the contents of the outline. In addition, Cisco also provides rich and comprehensive learning materials, such as video courses, courseware, notes, exercises, etc., so that candidates can better grasp the exam content.

Secondly, Cisco provides a variety of certification exam modes, such as on-site exam and online exam. Candidates can choose the most appropriate exam mode according to their learning level and schedule. In addition, Cisco also provides free mock exams. Candidates can adjust their study plans according to the results of the mock exams to better prepare for the exams.

Finally, Cisco also provides various forms of exam tips and techniques to make it easier for examinees to understand the exam content, which hence makes the exam easier. In addition, candidates can also obtain exam information through various online discussion communities, so as to better prepare for the exam. Candidates can choose to learn by themselves or by taking training courses according to their own need.

In short, Cisco certification has certain difficulty, but it is not difficult to pass as long as you study hard. The information provided by Cisco is very comprehensive. Candidates can choose the exam time according to their learning level and schedule.